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Selected and Recent Articles

On a Progressive Platform for African Literature (Literary Hub, Oct 3, 2019)

Are passports the new battleground for transgender rights? (with Achy Obejas) (, Dec, 2018)

The Fighter - Surviving ISIS and the war in Syria: A PrideLife special spotlight on activist Ayman Menem (Pride Life Magazine, June, 2018)

Transgender Lives – Spotlight on film director Silas Howard (Pride Life Magazine, 2018)

Transgender Lives – ‘Meet the Parents’, a portrait of the Baron-Crone family and ‘Girl Power’, a sidebar portrait of their activist daughter Luna Lilith Baron-Crone (Pride Life Magazine, 2018)

The Man Who Was Nearly Cured of HIV (KQED Science, Dec 12, 2017)

Research Dampens Hopes of HIV Cure, Shows Progress on Remission Without Drugs (KQED Science, Sep 28, 2017)

Only Greater Political Will Can Save Gay Chechens (The Advocate, May 17, 2017)

Queer Lessons from Marine LePen's Rise (The Advocate, May 6, 2017)

Was The EpiPen Hack Ethical? (KQED Science, Jan 23, 2017)

New HIV Studies Offer Fresh Hope For A Cure (KQED Science, Dec 17, 2016)

LGBT Health Advocates Fear Backlash as Trump Picks Tom Price for HHS (KQED Science, Nov 25, 2016)

The Men Who Would Be Queen: France, Le Pen & The LGBT Vote (Pride Life Magazine, June 7, 2016)

The Lessons of Uganda (Pride XI, June, 2011)

Haiti’s Anxious Aristocracy (The Washington Post, November 21, 1993)