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Get in Bed with The Pox Lover! Share your stories, your personal history, our collective movement actions....

We want to hear from you!

The 90s are gone.. the 90s live on... what do you remember or cherish from YOUR 90s decade, reader? We invite you to share your personal and political memories of the 90s -- your journey, your activism, your personal pictures and memorabilia, and to tell us how you intersected with The Pox Lover and the author's journey through that tumultuous decade. 

As I wrote in my 90s memoir: "All roads once led to Rome; now they lead to ACT UP...."

That includes you, younger folx and readers: tell us what you think, how your lives today compare with the 90s, what millennial intersectional activism looks like today and what you may draw from recent periods of activism. Are you a #BLM #StandingRock #Ferguson #Occupy #Chechen100 activist or ally? What does your queerish life or activism look like today? How might you Get in Bed With The Pox Lover? How are we connected?

Please note: This Readers Blog is designed to invite celebration, mourning, reflections on activism for fighting hate today. Readers are responsible for giving credit to sources for pictures, archival material. No personal attacks, abusive language or images, or hate speech will be tolerated. DO share your fantasies, rock the Casbah vision, best protest fashion....

Thank you. Let's continue the journey! ACT UP! Fight Back! Fight AIDS! Fight Trump!

-- Anne-christine d'Adesky (aka AC)

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