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The Political is Personal: A Conversation with Anne-christine d'Adesky and Masha Gessen (NYC)

  • Bureau of General Services Queer Division New York, NY (map)

Veteran Global Journalists Masha Gessen and Anne-christine d’Adesky Discuss the Intersection of the Political and Personal

A dynamic public conversation between journalist-activists Masha Gessen and Anne-christine d’Adesky will explore the history and the current state of the LGBTQ movement in the US and globally, and offer reflection on the resurgence of far-right fascism and challenges for US progressives.

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Anne-christine d’Adesky is an award-winning investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker who reported on the global AIDS epidemic for New York Native, Out, The Nation, and The Village Voice. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts and Writing from Barnard College in 1979, and her Master’s Degree from Columbia Journalism Graduate School in 1982. She was an early member of ACT UP and cofounder of the Lesbian Avengers. Her books include Beyond Shock: Charting the Landscape of Sexual Violence in Post-Quake Haiti (UCSB 2014); Moving Mountains: The Race to Treat Global AIDS (Verso, 2004), and a novel set in post-Duvalier Haiti, Under the Bone (FSG, 1994). She received the inaugural Award of Courage from amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research and the SF Community ‘AIDS Hero’ Award. D’Adesky lives in Oakland, California, with three daughters and pets.

Masha Gessen is a journalist and the author of ten books of nonfiction, most recently The Future Is History: How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia, to be published in October 2017. She is also the author of the national bestseller The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin (2012). She is a contributing opinion writer to The New York Times and a frequent contributor to The New York Review of Books, among other publications. She has received numerous awards and currently serves as vice-president of PEN America.

Gessen was born in Moscow and immigrated to the US with her family in 1981. She returned to Moscow as a correspondent a decade later, becoming a Russian-language journalist while working for American magazines. She re-immigrated to the US in 2013, after her family was targeted by Putin’s anti-gay campaign. She lives in New York City.

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