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Welcome to The Pox Lover!

Welcome to The Pox Lover's online page for information about my book and the upcoming tour: In Bed with The Pox Lover.

I'm excited to be sharing the memoir and my 90s experiences with colleagues around the country, and plan conversations with other writers and intergenerational panels on the decade and its lessons for the current era of Trump and the new battles facing progressives in America.

I'm excited to invite readers to share their experiences and memories and, as you'll read in the book, to examine how our paths may have crossed, and how you may be connected to events in history -- the recent and the far back. As I write in the book, I won't be surprised at the connections we unearth. And I can't wait to see and hear your stories too.

Watch for more news and join the conversation. My story is the story of my peers -- a generation pushed into activism by the urgent demands of surviving AIDS and demanding full civil rights. Along the way we've had a lot of fun, made art, shifted the cultural conversation, and reshaped American culture.

Want to get In Bed with The Pox Lover? Get in touch, suggest an event, share your ideas. I'll include info soon on how you can share your 90s photos, memories, and thoughts on events, people and actions in the book. Can't wait for that!

Don't forget to see the order info for the book on this page if you want a discount before it's out in end June. (Use PROMO CODE AA064 for 30% off.)

We'll be posting info about the tour dates and events here (and the parties, 'natch!). Let's have some fun!

In spirited solidarity,

-- Anne-christine