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June 5 - When Dreams Become Reality

finished cover The Pox Lover.jpg

I got back from the first pre-tour events in LA to find a gorgeous finished copy hot off the press of The Pox Lover. I'm so pleased. Those of you who are creatives -- writers, artists, makers of visions of things long dwelling in your head -- will understand the deep pleasure like a smile that spreads within when you finally see the finished product, the fruit of a long labor. I'm so very pleased to be holding my new book. I like its heft and colors. I like opening it and seeing the names of friends, those lost, those still here who sent me lil tweets today to say, Guess What Just Showed Up In The Mail? I wrote most of this book as my working diary, and now it is another creature -- a handsome book -- and soon it will morph into a running public conversation with friends and activists and writers across the country. 

There's more to say about the great LA events that I just attended. But first, some pure unadulterated pleasure - and a shout out to the U of Wisc Press team - for this trop beau livre. Thank you. It's an honor and a pleasure. The reality is its own dream.